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Zombies: eat flesh. by DJCandiDout Zombies: eat flesh. by DJCandiDout
A horrible, horrible parody of the Subway Restaurants slogan. Who can I blame for this? My boyfriend.

Without getting into too many details- a Subway representative has complained to, my home store, about the image. has responded by shutting down that section of my store. The main store, Insanity R Us ([link]) remains open.

The Zombies have risen again! Thanks to :icondank-monkey: for collaborating with me on the new Zombie tees! See the deviation and link here: [link]

So I just submitted the logo to I know many of you have asked to sell it on your own ventures, but is the only one who I think could pull it off and get around the red tape. Here's to hoping it works!

Wow, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for all the views and :+fav:!! Amazing! And to those of you who keep requesting prints- I'm sorry! I'm not allowed!

Thank you EVERYONE for supporting this piece! As you've probably noticed, I've shut down comments for this particular piece. Why? Because everything anyone needs to know is right here in this box and NO ONE READS IT. So, to prevent my inbox from being filled with "I can haz shurt?!" and the like, READ THIS BOX.

I am the sole creator of Zombies Eat Flesh from 2006. Any copycats have stolen or copied this image. I have a shop which once featured this image as a shirt-- the Subway lawyers got onto me and threatened a lawsuit if I did not cease and desist. I cannot make shirts, sell prints, or do anything related to making money off this image-- out of my control. I haven't even started paying off my student loans, I can't fight a lawsuit.

I'm BEYOND psyched that people love this image so much-- especially employees of Subway Restaurants. Yes, I wish things were different, but they're not.
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